Best Restaurants in Goa: Here are 10 famous restaurants in Goa you should check out

Best Restaurants in Goa: Here are 10 famous restaurants in Goa you should check out
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With its sun-downers and seafood that includes rava-fried prawns and butter-garlic squids, Goa has witnessed quite a change in its culinary landscape over the last few years. And the city has also realised that if a restaurant is to survive, they can’t simply rest on the laurels of the stunning views of the sea and beaches, food needs to be equally delicious. Since the reputations here hang by the souvlaki skewers, the question now is what are some of the best restaurants in Goa to check out? And listed below are the answers that may help. On this list, you’ll find a thoughtful mix of the quaint and quiet, as well as the popular and the ever-busy–so no matter what your vibe, you’ll find a place after your heart.

Here are 10 best restaurants in Goa that you should check out

1. Gunpowder
Best Restaurants in Goa famous restaurants in Goa  Gunpowder North Goa

Gunpowder, Assagao, North Goa

One of the first restaurants to put Assagao on the tourist map, Gunpowder’s Toddy Shop Meen Curry and Soondal have really stood the test of time. It’s fiercely loved by artists, writers and every variant of hipster for its epic Andhra Prawn Curry and Pandhi Curry that go well with parottas, or their fluffy, cloud-like appams. We also recommend keeping their artisanal cocktails coming through the meal. Before you commit yourself to the food, though, walk through the People Tree store that shares space inside this old Goan home and adds to Gunpowder’s charm. 

Cost: ₹1500 onwards for two people (approx.)

Address: House No. 6, Anjuna Mapusa Road, Saunto Vaddo, Assagao, North Goa, Goa

Ph: 0832-2268083

2. Vinayak Family Restaurant
10 Best Restaurants in Goa

Vinayak Family Restaurant, Assagao

Another classic restaurant from Assagao, Vinayak Family Restaurant is quite popular with both tourists and locals, who swear by its legendary fish thali. Lunch time is frenzied, and expecting servers to take notice of you (and your never-ending orders of beer and Batter Fried Calamari or Bombil Rava Fry), is a game of perseverance, but everything that makes it to your table is worth the wait. It’s a great way to see an unusually hectic side of Goa with a well-stocked bar and a view of the nearby fields in tow.

Cost: ₹800 onwards for two people (approx.)

Address: 278, Sacol Waddo, Assagao, Goa

Ph: 9049380518

3. Suzie’s
Best Restaurants in Goa famous restaurants in Goa  Suzie's Goa

Suzie's restaurant in Goa

Suzie’s is a recent addition to Assagao’s already-exploding food scene that dares to do things differently. A whimsical take on fine-dining, the chef lovingly curates a different menu every six weeks, working with seasonal ingredients. If you have your heart set on a romantic dinner for two, this place will fit the bill–think dreamy, garden cafe vibe that brings the phrase ‘rustic chic’ to mind. At Suzie’s, there’s very little to distract you from the five-course meal (apart from your partner, of course) because they only entertain guests by reservation–and only for dinner, at that.

Cost: ₹3000 onwards for two people (approx.)

Address: House no. 531, Suzie's Lane, Bouta Waddo, Assagao, Near Chari Garage, Assagao

Ph: 074988 56389

4. Pousada By The Beach
Best Restaurants in Goa famous restaurants in Goa  Pousada By The Beach Calangute

Pousada By The Beach, Calangute

Even if you didn’t know that Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas were often spotted here, you should still add this one to your list of best restaurants in Goa for Chai and Biscuit - the restaurant’s cuddly resident Labradors. Pousada comes with the promise of stunning beach views, a relaxed vibe and spot-on seafood fare to compensate for the journey and time it takes to reach here. Their Fish in Banana Leaf is the star, but you’ll might also end up loving their Crusty Prawns, Konkan-flavoured rice and Prawn Balchao as well.

Cost: ₹3000 onwards for two people (approx.) 

Address: Holiday Street, Gaura Vaddo, Calangute

Ph: 9823685020

5. Fisherman’s Wharf
Best Restaurants in Goa famous restaurants in Goa  The Fisherman's Wharf South Goa

Fisherman's Wharf, South Goa

It will be a shame if you make a list of best Goa restaurants and don’t include this one in it. Especially the one located in Cavelossim, South Goa. Perched by the riverside, with sea breeze and live music filling the air, this spot is always abuzz. Their kitchen modifies Goan dishes for the tourist palate, so if it’s your maiden tryst with Goan flavours, you’ll love their masala fried calamari, fish curry with rice and potato recheado. If you still have some room left, then you must try their rava fried prawns that is to die for.

Cost: ₹1500 onwards for two people (approx.)

Address: Sal Riverside, Mobor Beach, Cavelossim, Salcette, South Goa

Ph: 9011018866

6. The Black Sheep Bistro
Best Restaurants in Goa famous restaurants in Goa  The Black Sheep Bistro Panjim

The Black Sheep Bistro, Panjim

This modern, boutique restaurant located in Panaji, prides itself on using locally-sourced seasonal produce and that is exactly what makes all the difference. With an eclectic menu that doesn’t play by the rules, there’s one thing that’s constant: the impressive selection of wine and craft beers. Given all the innovative twists on their farm-to-fork menu, it’s hard to pick our favourites, but if we had gun aimed at our head, we’d go for their Ghee Roast Pork Ribs and Goan Pesto Crusted Fish (vegetarians can get this with paneer) and Chakri Churros. 

Cost: ₹2000 onwards for two people (approx.)

Address: Swami Vivekanand Road, Next to ICICI Bank, Panjim, Goa, India

Ph: 0832 246 5901

7. Olive Bar & Kitchen
Best Restaurants in Goa famous restaurants in Goa  Olive Bar  Kitchen Anjuna

Olive Bar & Kitchen, Anjuna

How do you handle the expectations that come with being as iconic as Olive? Well, you take what they’re best known for and drop it on the beach. What makes this Vagator restaurant timeless is how it keeps the OG’s love for all things pretty and pizza alive, while still going big on their Goa menu, particularly seafood dishes, while indulging in an evening of Jazz by the beach. This restaurant has introduced the Goa family brunches to a whole lot of sangria and sardines on toasted ciabatta. You can also try their Quattro-fungi Pizza, Mezze Board and cocktails by the gallon.

Cost: ₹3000 onwards for two people (approx.)

Address: Unit 1, Vagator Helipad Big Vagator, Anjuna, Goa

Ph: 07888037772

8. Thalassa
Best Restaurants in Goa famous restaurants in Goa  Thalassa Vaddy Siolim

Thalassa, Vaddy Siolim

Hands down one of the most famous restaurants in Goa, this Greek restaurant grew from being a modest beachside cafe to a full-fledged taverna, and it’s now enjoying sunsets at its new location in Siolim. Who would have thought that they’d seamlessly make the move from their legendary Vagator spot without making a dent in their loyal fanbase, but here we are! Thalassa continues to remain synonymous with sundowners and a hit among tourists for providing the best photo-ops. If you’re there for an easy evening with friends, go straight for the wine and souvlakis (both beef and veg make for a compelling case), along with ordering a side of their Lamb Meatballs in Red Sauce and Veg Moussaka.

Cost: ₹3000 onwards for two people (approx.)

Address: Plot No. 301/1, Near Teso Waterfront, Vaddy Siolim, Goa

Ph: 09850033537

9. Burger Factory
Best Restaurants in Goa famous restaurants in Goa  Burger Factory Morjim

Burger Factory, Morjim 

One of the best places to eat in Goa, Burger Factory in Anjuna is a known for its giant, cheesy burgers and stunning views. If you’re staying in North Goa, bookmark this for an evening of guzzling beer and doubling down on their Double Cheddar, Bacon and BBQ sauce pork burger as the sun goes down. Vegetarians, get their thick shakes and the Spinach, Cheddar, Mushroom & Blue Cheese Burger and you’ll walk out truly sated. They also have an outlet in Morjim.

Cost: ₹1000 onwards for two people (approx.)

Address: Anjuna Main Road, Opposite Paradise Guest House, Anjuna, Goa

Ph: 09075640690

10. Baba Au Rhum
10 Best Restaurants in Goa

Baba Au Rhum, Arpora, Goa

One of Anjuna’s best-kept secrets, Baba Au Rhum is a French bakery that runs like a fine-dining restaurant, where people keep coming back every morning for coffee and fresh-from-the-oven croissants. If you’re an early riser (read: early drinker), Baba Au Rhum has beer on tap to complement their Spicy Goan Sausage Pizza and Chicken Cheese Grilled Burger. The breads made in-house are equally popular, but the Garlic Cheese Baguette is something special. 

Cost: ₹1000 onwards for two people (approx.)

Address: House Nr. 1054, Sim Vaddo | On The Sun Village Hotel Road, Arpora, Anjuna

Ph: 09822866366

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