Top Best Destinations for Local Goan Village Tour

Top Best Destinations for Local Goan Village Tour
Posted by: Manjeet Thakur

Famous for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture, Goa is visited by huge number of International and domestic tourists every year. It has rich flora and fauna, inferable from its region on the Western Ghats range, which is named a biodiversity hotspot. Getting to know the local life, going fishing with fishermen, enjoying bona fide and luscious seafood and unwinding on a spotless and calm beach, the thought of a Goa vacation has been changing.

Divar Island, North Goa

Go on a visit to Divar Island and find the blend of paddy fields, Indo-Portuguese houses, ancient temples, pretty churches, and winding roads that address the area's complex history. As you land the boat, meet local people sitting with their fishing rods cast in the Mandovi River and find out about the techniques they use to make a catch.

Then, follow the local guide into the village, appreciating the rainbow of colorful houses covering the roads. Figure out how the Portuguese occupation of the area molded the village for centuries to come. Look at the sixteenth century St. Mathias Church, the curious Lady of Candelaria Chapel, and the ancient Saptakoteshwar Temple.

What are you waiting for? Get a ferry with your local guide to an interesting island village in India's Goa district. Experience the region's rich cultural heritage from fine baroque churches and ancient temples to holy sites and traditional Goan homes.

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Chandor, South Goa

Chandor is one of Goa's most noteworthy villages. It was the center of two ancient dynasties, the Kadambas and the Bhojas. Visit the antiquated Shiva temple and afterward search for leftovers of the Nandi bull. The Three Kings Feast in January is best seen at the congregation of Nossa Senhora De Belem in Chandor. Kids from the village stand by restlessly for January to come around, to be picked to address the three kings who had come carrying a joyous bounty gifts to introduce at the birth of Jesus Christ; this tradition has been disregarded down ages.

Betul, South Goa

An ordinary coastal fishing village, Betul lays under an hour from Margao, in Salcete, South Goa. It gloats of vivid magnificent nights when the local villagers assemble for a talk. The lovely environment, quaint village climate and a 17th century fortress are the features here. The best part is the Cavelossim-Assolna ferry that you set to appreciate across the Sal River up to get to the Betul beach.

Assagao, North Goa

Situated in North Goa, Assagao is one of the smallest and most charming villages resting calmly in verdant hills, clothed in cashew groves. Gifted with the healing power of its spring water, natural beauty and delicate breezes from the Arabian Sea, Assagao has a laid back and tranquil energy about it. A bird lover's paradise - you can detect an assortment of birds including the Wagtail, Tickell Bluefly catcher, Red whiskered Bulbul, Purple Sunbird, Crimson Sunbird, and the Asian Yellow Oriole right on your verandah.

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Aldona, North Goa

In this interesting village, there are a ton of destinations to see beginning with the Corjuem Fort, which is an inland fort worked during the Portuguese reign in Goa, even while in ruins, because of the endeavors of villagers and the experts in saving, it stands flawless. As indicated by numerous legends told by the elderly people of the town, it was said that the fort had been a site for many battles; if you're a history lover than I'm certain you couldn't imagine anything better than to visit this spot. Aside from this, Aldona is the only village in Goa to have three scaffolds - Stone Bridge, Corjuem Bridge, Calvim Bridge, each of these bridges have stories behind them, some staggering, bringing tears to the eyes of locals.

Curtorim, South Goa

The storage facility of Goa, Curtorim is loaded up with verdant fields. Enter the village and you'll run over a little lake with the village church along its banks. That is a wonderful sight in itself. This is another idyllic village and the local area soul here is solid. During Christmas season the young people of the village meet up and function as a community to raise a drifting bunk which is put in the lake. Furthermore, it is a sight to see all illuminated during the holiday season.

Anjuna, North Goa

Anjuna located 8 km from Mapusa and 18 km from Panaji is the spot from where Goa the travel industry took off. It immediately procured a standing for drugs, partying and opportunity subsequent to being found by the nonconformists in 1970s. There are great deals of parties that happen here in the nights the greatest ones being during Christmas and New Year time. Book your stay in a Private Pool Villa in North Goa!

From the northern end of Anjuna that has a high laterite precipice extending out into the ocean, a 1-5 km soil track drops toward the south to the renowned Anjuna flea market and the sandy ocean side. Each Wednesday a flea market is held at Anjuna beach. This market is extremely well known among the tourists and is huge and spread over the Anjuna shoreline where anything and everything can be found. It got its name as individuals accepted the products that were offered here to be pervaded with fleas. It is held close to the ocean side at the village called Dando (close to Anjuna ocean side). Don’t wait! Choose Private Pool Villa North Goa for your stay! 

Poinguinim, South Goa

Situated in the Canacona taluka of South Goa Poinguinim, prompts one of the cleanest beaches in Goa, Galgibaga beach. It is one more turtle beach and is unarguably Goa's trick of the trade, with perfectly clear water, silver sand and vast lines of coconut and palm trees. Ponguinim is home to the Parshuram temple in dedication to Lord Vishnu, situated in the midst of woodland forests in peaceful environmental elements.

Betalbatim, South Goa

An enchanting Indo-Portuguese village, found 2 km north of Colva, Betalbatim is the spot to go if you are searching for quiet village experience. It is designed with old palacios built during the Portuguese period that currently have a place with the landlords. Betalbatim beach is known for golden sand, murmuring palm trees and fun loving dolphins in the shining Arabian Sea. Fishermen as a rule would take you for a dolphin trip assuming you'd really focus on a more intensive look!

Arambol, A Little Fisherman Village, North Goa

Arambol is a little fisherman village that never neglects to draw in local as well as unfamiliar travelers inferable from its energetic flea market, its hippie culture, late night parties, grill at the shacks, adventure activities like paragliding and kite surfing, and the beautiful perspectives on the precipices lining both the sides of the area. In spite of such a great amount to offer, Arambol is still somewhat flawless as very few individuals are familiar it, which is the reason this Bohemian paradise falls among the neglected spots to visit in Goa.

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